Anna boarded from a very young age and her fascination with property afforded her endless happy hours of scrap-booking as she cut out and collected images of beautiful home interiors. She became a lover of the Great Classics, causing this youngster to be ahead of her time in terms of history and style. Furthermore, she treasured her boarding school friendships and the many weekends and holidays spent with friends' families on their farms in and around her hometown.

She has forever understood the importance of forging long-term liaisons with people that have become dear to her. She understands and identifies only too well with the feeling of vulnerability that comes with being on foreign soil or having to rely on the guidance and hospitality of others



Anna appreciates the importance of routine, presentation, punctuality and balance in the ever-changing world of property. Her daily routines include global economy tracking, healthy lifestyle habits such as yoga, hiking in nature, meditation and visualisation. She truly lives her “brand” and makes a concerted effort to surround herself with beautiful environments, healthy energies and good people. Hers is strategy based on long-term relationships and enjoyment when it comes to the property game.


Her portfolio boasts a medley of clients for whom she has sourced, sold, resold and repurchased a number of properties. The market volatility and erratic world over political situations have caused buyers to sell and source much more frequently and she welcomes this opportunity to take care of the entire process. Seamless transactions and her ability to identify unique opportunities and perfect match-making (property-to-owner) turn potentially traumatic situations into win-wins for all.

A sunny disposition, big match-temperament, old fashinoned values and the ability to “close” are the characteristics that set this Dynamo Realtor apart from the rest…. Anna firmly believes that perfect negotiation exists somewhere between real value, perceived value and two satisfied parties. She is very confident about her performance capabilities as she realises it is

in direct proportion to the amount of time and effort she invests in every transaction. Nothing is a problem when there exists a certain level of trust between client and agent and good manners are the order of the day… This level of trust and commitment affords her carte blanche to negotiate on behalf of her clients.


Anna has always harboured a spirit of achievement. This born-and-bred Bloemfonteiner went on to win every German language award at school, affording her bursary opportunities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. An enviable lifestyle ensued, involving a tenure at Dresner Bank, billionaire client lifestyle co-ordination and world-class hotel work-stays for lengthy periods. She is used to a particular level of luxury, but takes this in her stride and is ever-appreciative of beauty and the fact that results necessitate continuous hard work and effort.

Furthermore, it is this love of aesthetics, comfortable hotels, precision finishes and years spent working for high-end product companies that nurtured her understanding of the importance and value of solid real estate. She doesn’t tolerate fickle behaviour or inconsistency and enjoys the longevity and stable nature of property.  Whilst in Majorca she purchased and renovated three heritage Village Homes and enjoyed the yachting lifestyle that accompanied this level of property. Her passion and ability to recognise the potential of these near-derelict properties was the driving force behind her decision to take on this mammoth project. It paid dividends in the long run.


Anna’s twenty three year tenure in Germany afforded her a particularly clear understanding of the German way of life and culture. Her German clients benefit in that she is able to explain the buying process in South Africa clearly. Clients are made to feel more comfortable and negotiations are a lot more enjoyable. She is confident to shop on their behalf and views each transaction as a potential long term endeavour. A five year stint in Spain, working for a high-end construction company and ATP Tennis Tournament Logistics also involved client liaison activity with German and Spanish speaking clients. Interaction with property owners at a certain level seems to be the order of the day… That, and achieving her goals: She was invited to host Bjorn Borg during his tournament stay in Spain. A meeting that she had dreamed about from a young age.